Brownfield Sites

Former Kaufman Footwear Main Plant

XCG conducted a comprehensive site-specific risk assessment (SSRA) at the former Kaufman Footwear manufacturing plant in Kitchener, Ontario. Approximately 225,000 litres (50,000 gallons) of naphtha leaked from an underground storage tank (UST) and created a naphtha plume floating on the water table approximately 10 metres (33 feet) below the ground surface.
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    Transamerica Life Canada, RAP Implementation & Site Development – Former Sunarhauserman Site

Transamerica Life Canada, RAP Implementation & Site Development – Former Sunarhauserman Site

XCG was hired to replace the consultant that had initially been engaged to do a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and preliminary remedial cost estimate (as the work was found to be inadequate). XCG re-did the Phase I and then designed and implemented a staged series of Phase II and Phase III investigations to delineate and quantify subsurface soil and ground-water impacts on a 30-acre property in Waterloo, Ontario.
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River Park Common Element Condominium, Kingston, ON

Beginning in 2006, Stirling Bridge undertook the remediation and redevelopment of a 5.5 hectare (14 acre) brownfield property in Kingston, Ontario. Environmental site assessment work completed by XCG identified petroleum hydrocarbons contamination on the property, distributed through the soil over a large area behind the former transmission shop.

Redevelopment of 5 Arthur Street, Guelph

Since 2009, XCG has been working at 5 Arthur Street in Guelph, ON assisting in the redevelopment of a long-time industrial property into an up-scale urban development.

TRICAR – 152 Macdonell Brownfield Redevelopment

When XCG arrived on site to complete a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) at 152 Macdonell in late 2011, it was a vacant lot, zoned for commercial use. The property however had a history of uses including tire service/vulcanizing and repair shop (1930s to the early/mid- 1960s), a battery sales and service company (1930s to 1940s), and more recently an office building with a daycare. The Phase One ESA, and review of previous investigations identified several Areas of Potential Environmental Concern (APEC`s) including land uses on neighbouring properties and underground storage tanks on 152 Macdonell itself.

Deep Off-Site Drilling Investigation

XCG was retained to conduct a Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to delineate and quantify subsurface soil and groundwater impacts on a 30 acre property, occupied by a large plant that had manufactured steel office furniture and other steel products since the early 1930s.