Date: March 22, 2017
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Melanie Sweetman and Stephanie Borgs of XCG Consulting Limited are members of Edmonton CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women), a business networking organization dedicated to the mentorship, career development, and leadership succession for women in commercial real estate. Stephanie has been actively involved in the Future Leaders committee, which aims to promote commercial real estate as a career path to the next generation of women in business.

As part of this committee, Stephanie was invited to co-facilitate a residential land development case study to a University of Alberta real estate class. The students were to act as analysts and provide a recommendation to the land owner of whether to sell, develop, or hold a parcel of land in southwest Edmonton. Experts in the fields of financing, land development, and residential sales provided insight of the steps involved in residential land development to aid in the decision making process.

The class was a success and the Future Leaders committee has been invited to present again in the Fall.

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