Date: December 2011

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Stephen Nutt, M.Eng., P.Eng. has been presented an award in recognition and appreciation for all of his participation and volunteer support to the Instrumentation Testing Association (ITA) throughout the 27 years of ITA’s existence.

Stephen’s participation in ITA’s testing and research programs from the beginning laid the foundation of ITA’s performance evaluation reports. His involvement over the years has provided ITA with the valuable resource of his exceptional technical knowledge, expertise and leadership. ITA has relied upon his guidance and has benefited from his background, experience and commitment to quality. Stephen’s enthusiasm, interest and involvement in numerous ITA projects has also benefited the water and wastewater industry as a whole.

At XCG’s 2011 Corporate Christmas Party, Tom Williams of XCG was extremely pleased to present this award to Stephen on behalf of ITA’s Board of Directors and members.