Client: Regional District of North Okanagan
Location: Cherryville, British Columbia


Municipal solid waste landfilling operations commenced at the Cherryville Recycling and Disposal Facility in 1976. In 2007, the Regional District of North Okanagan elected to close the landfill and construct a transfer station at the site for the purpose of reducing long-term operational costs.

XCG prepared a Landfill Closure Design Brief to facilitate final closure of the landfill. The design brief included landfill final contours, final cover design, soil balance, erosion and sediment control, surface water management, leachate management, landfill gas management, proposed end use, and a post-closure environmental monitoring program.

The identification and design of an appropriate site-specific landfill final cover is key to minimizing closure costs, reducing long-term maintenance costs, and reducing long-term environmental risk. Given the low precipitation in the region, high evapotranspiration rates, and lack of local low permeability cover material, an alternative evapotranspiration final cover was proposed.

XCG acquired all approvals necessary for the alternative cover system.

Elisabeth Mance
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