Christine Hill
Christine HillBusiness Development Leader / Associate


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Phil Gray
Phil GrayOperations Leader / Associate


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Over our 25 year history, XCG has offered innovative, sustainable and practical solutions to help municipalities make informed decisions on the planning, assessment, design, and operation of their linear and facility water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. Our experts have the knowledge, expertise and experience to successfully complete:

How XCG can help:

Master and Facility Planning – We develop innovative and sustainable master and facility plans that meet our clients’ needs in the areas of water distribution, wastewater collection and stormwater conveyance and treatment systems management and planning

System Assessment & Modelling – Our state of the art tools and methods allows us to develop innovative and practical solutions to the challenges that municipalities face including basement flooding, infiltration & inflow, and future capacity limitations. We are experts in complex model development, calibration, and application to solve a variety of problems.

Monitoring & Field Data Collection – We have developed field and monitoring data collection capabilities support that provide high quality data and support our engineering assessments. Fully integrated with GIS and data management and analysis tools, we can provide a full range of flow metering, sampling, and wet weather flow source investigations. Our internal QA/QC procedures ensure high quality data that you can depend on for decision making.

System Rehabilitation Plan Development & Implementation – We are experts in developing a cost effective mix of trenchless and conventional repairs that achieve the greatest reductions in extraneous flow.

Asset Management – We are experts in assisting municipalities in developing and implementing tools to assist in the long term management of linear assets. Our services include asset data collection, database creation and population, asset valuation, and asset management plan development.

Detailed Design & Contract Administration – We provide detailed design and contract administration of municipal infrastructure including linear infrastructure and water and wastewater system facilities. Our services include preliminary design, detailed design, approvals, tender document preparation, cost estimation, assistance during tendering, contract administration, and post construction services.