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Tom Williams

In April 2013, at the SWR Annual Evening of Recognition, XGC was honoured with the award for Greatest GHG Emissions Reduction in a One year period (based on percentage). XCG’s Kitchener office reduced emissions by 18% in 2012.

This was one of five awards presented during the evening. XCG received a plaque and a prize (trees planted in XCG’s name) – although the planting of trees had to wait until the 2014 planting season.

Tyler S

Tyler Schierholtz

On Thursday May 1, 2014 a contingent of XCG employees from the Kitchener office (including: Thomas, Pam Tyler, Richard, Stephen, Taylor, Mary-Catherine, Trevor, Amy, Laird, Tom, Mike) met Ron Wu-Winter of the Grand River Conservation Authority at Laurel Creek Conservation Authority in Waterloo. There they planted several dozen small trees in a clearing immediately adjacent to the park entrance off of Westmount Road. In years to come all in the surrounding communities will be able to enjoy “XCG’s award” as the trees mature.

Thanks to all staff for continuing to act sustainably and a special thanks goes out to the XCG volunteers that assisted in tree planting!