Mike Newbigging
Mike NewbiggingOperations Leader / Project Manager


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Recently, the combination of population growth and increasingly stringent effluent quality standards has prompted the need for increased wastewater treatment capacity via upgrades and/or expansion, as well as addressing effluent quality issues for existing wastewater treatment facilities. In addition, municipalities, private industry and consulting engineering firms are among those seeking innovative practices to “green” their operations while meeting the needs of the communities they serve. XCG has developed a number of tools to assist clients in addressing these new challenges, including practices to improve performance, increase capacity and reduce operating costs associated with wastewater treatment facilities.

For over 25 years, XCG and its staff have been recognized as technical experts in the assessment, optimization and process design of wastewater treatment facilities. Our knowledge and understanding of the wastewater industry has helped our clients to meet regulatory requirements and develop cost-effective, long-term, sustainable servicing solutions.

XCG offers advisory and assessment services in the areas of:

  • Process Audits, Capacity Assessments, and Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Bench, Pilot and Full-Scale Process Development
  • Wastewater and Sludge Characterization
  • Wastewater Process Modelling
  • Resource Conservation and Optimization
  • Process Design and Class Environmental Assessments