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Date: January 25th, 2010

XCG Consultants Ltd. (XCG) has completed a baseline greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory as a first step toward a goal of carbon neutrality by 2019. As a Gold Pledging Partner in the Sustainable Waterloo – Regional Carbon Initiative, XCG has made an ambitious commitment to reduce their GHG emissions over the next ten years. XCG is also the first Pledging Partner to extend their GHG reduction commitment beyond Waterloo Region by including all five company-owned sites across North America.

XCG’s Corporate Sustainability Strategy involves a strengthening of XCG’s environmental and sustainability programs, including the set-up of “Green Teams” in each office. One of the first steps was determining the company’s carbon footprint. By setting 2008 as the baseline year, XCG has determined that 398 tonnes per year of GHG was generated. This is a relatively low GHG generation on a per employee basis due to current practices. A program is now underway to set targets and implement further GHG reduction practices. This program will involve a combination of changes in work and purchasing practices, energy efficient retrofits, increasing the use of technology to enable less business travel, purchases of green energy and hybrid vehicles and investment in renewable energy.

On the business side, XCG is investing in training and technology to enhance and expand their climate and sustainability practice. XCG firmly believes that by “walking-the-talk” they will continue to learn and be better able to help their clients meet the financial and climate change challenges of the 21st century.