Garden Shed Fuel Spill and Remediation

When the residential occupants discovered fuel-like odours in their home, SCM Adjusters Canada (now Claims Pro Inc.) requested XCG to assist a restoration contractor to assess and mitigate the source of the unknown odours in a residential home in Kitchener, Ontario.

The odours entered the home from impacted groundwater below the property that seeped into the weeping tile surrounding the house and sump and pump inside the home.  With the homeowners displaced from the home, restoring the indoor air quality was paramount.

Following the installation of passive vents onto the weeping tiles, rerouting the weeping tiles to discharge to a temporary exterior sump and pump collecting in an exterior tank, XCG proceeded to investigate and delineate the source of the volatile organic compounds in the groundwater that was creating the odours.

Investigations and mitigation activities included:

  • Delineating the impacts in groundwater by drilling and installing 19 monitoring wells across the property (6 indoor);

  • Rerouting the weeping tiles and sump discharges to an exterior sump and above-grade holding tank for appropriate collection and disposal;

  • Designing and operating a temporary soil-vapour extraction system to actively strip the VOCs in groundwater from six monitoring wells.  System was constructed within a garden shed to ensure the noise levels from the system would not disrupt the neighbours;

  • Routinely monitoring the indoor air-quality within the home using 8 hour Suma-canisters and analyzing for the target compounds identified in the groundwater;

  • Actively updating and discussing the project with the local office of the Ontario Ministry of Environment (now includes Climate Change); and

  • Determining that the mitigation was complete for the restoration contractor to conduct interior deodorization and return the home contents.

The delineation activities identified the locations and concentrations of groundwater contaminants as low-level benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes (BTEX) typical of light fuels like gasoline or varsol and likely the result of a neighbouring property owner spilling materials within their garden shed.  The groundwater investigations and remediation was complete in less than 12 months and the owners were returned to their home.  XCG’s consulting labour, disbursements and analytical fees were just over $66,000.

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