Client: The City of Red Deer
Location: Waste Management Facility, 1972 Landfill, and Montfort Landfill



XCG was retained by the City of Red Deer to undertake the annual environmental monitoring programs for both the Waste Management Facility and the 1972 Landfill for the years of 2008 to 2017. The programs included groundwater, porewater, surface water, and landfill gas monitoring, result interpretation, and report generation. XCG also maintained the monitoring infrastructure for both sites, installing, repairing, and decommissioning wells on an as-needed basis for the City.

In 2011, XCG undertook a Tier 3 Response for the 1972 Landfill due to exceedances of regulatory criteria detected as part of the annual environmental monitoring program. The goal of the Tier 3 Response was to evaluate the nature, extent and source of the environmental impacts, conduct a risk assessment, and develop a suitable mitigative approach (if required). XCG’s scope of work for the Tier 3 Response included the following:

  • Geophysical investigation;
  • Trend analysis of historic monitoring results;
  • Benthic invertebrate survey of Piper Creek;
  • Risk assessment, including an evaluation of identified impacts, their extent, and potential or identified risks to receptors;
  • Mitigation strategies and recommendations.

Based on the results of the Tier 3 Response, it was concluded that the surrounding environment was attenuating impacts from the landfill, despite the restrictive performance limitations of the site. Continued monitoring was recommended to ensure contaminant trends were not increasing.

In 2017/2018, XCG undertook a Vapour Intrusion Assessment at the Montfort Landfill. The Vapour Intrusion Assessment included the development of a monitoring program for hydraulic monitoring, soil vapour monitoring, groundwater sampling, soil vapour sampling, and indoor air sampling to ensure the safety of residents living in close proximity to the former landfill site. Site specific vapour guidelines were established for the site and approved by Alberta Environment and Parks and Alberta Health. Based on the results of the monitoring program, the Hazard Quotients for the Preliminary Quantitative Risk Assessments for the site were updated. A report was generated and included a detailed overview of site conditions, a list of receptors from site activities, applicable regulations, site specific vapour guidelines and rationale, a summary of the monitoring program and interpretation of analytical results, updated Hazard Quotients, conclusions, and recommendations.

Based on the results of the Vapour Intrusion Assessment, XCG recommended that select soil vapour probes at the site be monitored semi-annually. Should methane concentrations reach a trigger concentration, then indoor air sampling would be initiated at the nearest residence. 

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