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Regional District of Nanaimo, Nanaimo Regional Landfill, British Columbia

XCG has a long and extensive history of working with the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Over the last 13 years XCG has completed the following projects with the Regional District of Nanaimo:

Stage 3 Fill Plan – XCG prepared updated detailed fill plan drawings and airspace consumption tables. The fill plan also addressed continued landfilling of asbestos and continued expansion of the LFG collection system. 

North Berm Lateral Expansion – Engineering services included drawing and contract preparation, contract administration, construction oversight, and preparation of as-built drawings and construction report. Construction oversight included daily site inspections, submittal review, progress meetings, quality assurance testing and final inspection. XCG also prepared a fill plan for the expansion area.

Detailed Design of North Berm – Included 25%, 50%, 75%, and 90% designs and meetings with the RDN to discuss the design after each stage. The 100% design consisted of a complete tender package including front end documents, specification and detailed design drawings.

Integrated Design and Operations Plan - XCG prepared an Integrated Design and Operations Plan which identified areas of the landfill that needed to be improved and also presented options for increasing waste disposal capacity within the permitted landfill footprint.

Detailed design and services during construction for the Cell One Remediation Works. The Cell One Remediation works involved the replacement of a concrete storm sewer running along the south side of the landfill with a new polyethylene pipe. Remediation of an existing leachate gravity main with a slip liner to prevent leakage. A new leachate collection system on the south side of the landfill to prevent migration of leachate. Lateral drains were extended from the new leachate collection pipe into the waste to reduce leachate mounding and the potential for off-site migration.

Detailed design and services during construction for remediation of an existing area of the landfill to increase waste disposal capacity and improve leachate collection. A berm and expansion area were designed to create an additional 1.5 hectares landfill cell. This new landfill area was constructed with a geomembrane liner and leachate collection system.

Detailed design and services during construction for construction of final cover over a portion of the landfill. Including regrading, leachate and landfill gas piping and a composite final cover including a sand foundation layer, a LDPE geomembrane, a synthetic drainage layer (Drain-tube), a clay protective layer, organic soil and vegetation layer.

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