Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents

Terrapure Environmental owns and operates an industrial waste processing and transfer facility at 1131 Snow Valley Road in the Township of Springwater, just outside the City of Barrie, Ontario. The facility was purchased by Terrapure (formerly Newalta) from PSC Industrial Services Canada Inc. in 2006. The facility has historically experienced releases of chlorinated solvents to the subsurface soil and groundwater, with significant release events occurring in 1978 and 2003. Since 2007, XCG has assisted the property owner with ongoing groundwater monitoring and remediation activities. 

Historical and recent groundwater monitoring results have confirmed that groundwater impacted by chlorinated solvents has migrated off-site under a municipal roadway, reaching a forested property north of the facility.

Since 2006, XCG has been undertaking a program of groundwater remediation through in-situ injections of permanganate-based oxidizing solutions to degrade chlorinated solvents in groundwater. The injection points are a combination of drilled injection wells, large diameter sumps, and horizontal buried injection galleries.

In 2016, the remediation program was expanded to include downgradient off-site locations on the neighbouring property. The off-site groundwater remediation has been undertaken through the installation of injection wells, distributed strategically throughout the monitoring well network. 

The off-site remediation activities were authorized under the Certificate of Approval (C of A) XCG holds for the operation of a mobile treatment unit. This C of A was issued to XCG by the Ministry of the Environment (currently the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks) in 2007, and authorizes XCG to use a variety of additives for the purposes of groundwater remediation, including permanganates, peroxides, persulphates, and compressed gases.

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