Residential Fuel Oil Spill & Remediation - Eramosa, Ontario

When a fuel oil tank ruptured and spilled fuel oil into the basement of a residential home in Eramosa Township, just east of Guelph, Ontario, Dumfries Mutual Insurance called XCG to provide impact assessment and remediation activities to return the home and property to pre-spill condition.

Over 300 litres of fuel oil entered into the basement from the furnace room and across the floor along a drainage depression into drains that led to a sump and pump discharging to the ground surface at the west side of the property.  So the leak resulted two areas of impact to be mitigated; the concrete floor and below cracks, and the sump discharge.

In dealing with the basement impacts, the following was immediately completed:

  • Recovery of spilled oil pooled on the concrete floor;

  • Removal of carpet, under-pad, and sub-flooring;

  • Diversion of the sump effluent from the ground surface to a holding tank. (Note: The tank was routinely checked and pumped out for approved disposal of the fuel oil-impacted water.);

  • Investigation of the soil and groundwater immediately below the drainage depression with ;

  • Removal of the concrete and gravel bedding below the drainage depression;

  • Assess and confirm that the fuel-oil impacted soil below the floor had been removed; and

  • Replace the gravel bedding below the drainage depression and repair the concrete floor.

Restoration contractors were then instructed to restore the sub-flooring and carpeting along the basement floor and repair the lower portion of the interior basement walls that fuel-oil had wicked into.

In dealing with the exterior ground surface impacts, XCG oversaw the installation of five monitoring wells to assess the soil and groundwater quality prior to the removal of 32 tonnes of impacted soil and over 100,000 litres of impacted groundwater.  All soil and groundwater remediation activities were completed within 7 months of the leak (noting that the leak occurred in winter).

The project remediation total cost was approximately $103,000 with XCG’s consulting labour and disbursements at just over $25,000.

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