River Park Common Element Condominium - Kingston, Ontario

Beginning in 2006, Stirling Bridge undertook the remediation and redevelopment of a 5.5 hectare (14 acre) brownfield property in Kingston, Ontario. The site had historically been occupied by a variety of industrial operations, the most recent of which was a transmission shop. An abandoned railway spur line was also located along an alignment through the central portion of the site. The Great Cataraqui River shoreline runs along the entire eastern edge of the site.

Environmental site assessment work completed by XCG identified petroleum hydrocarbons contamination on the property, distributed through the soil over a large area behind the former transmission shop. This had apparently been caused by the historic disposal of waste oil via the septic tank and tile bed on the property. In addition to remediation of the hydrocarbon contamination, other required cleanup activities included demolition and removal of the abandoned transmission shop building; removal and disposal of an underground oil/water separator, septic tank and tile bed; clean-up of scattered waste material that had been illegally dumped on the site; and remediation of other identified contaminants such as heavy metals.

The remediation activities were overseen by XCG with contracting services provided by Quantum Remediation Inc. (now Quantum Murray LP). The cleanup work was conducted in late 2006 and early 2007. A total of approximately 3,500 tonnes of contaminated soil, concrete and bedrock were removed from the property during the course of the remediation. In addition, the surficial wastes, the vacant building and the underground tanks were demolished and disposed of off-site.

Four separate Records of Site Condition (RSCs) had to be obtained for this property due to complications related to land ownership and soil quality standards. The City of Kingston was the owner of a central portion of the site, and a separate RSC was required for this portion. Two sets of Ministry of the Environment soil quality standards applied on different parts of the site. A 30 m wide strip along the waterfront was cleaned up to meet the Table 1 standards, while the rest of the site was cleaned up to meet Table 3 standards. Separate RSCs were needed for Table 1 and Table 3 areas.

The construction of a 144-townhouse community complete with parkettes and walkways along the waterfront and a preserved former native archeological site is underway.

This project was approved by the City of Kingston for funding under the city’s Brownfields Program, which provides tax incentives and grants for the rehabilitation of environmentally compromised land. This program will enable Stirling Bridge to recover environmental cleanup costs and a portion of its other development costs through a combination of grants and reduced property tax payments over a period of up to 10 years.

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