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William Street and Strange Street Water Supply System Class Environmental Assessment

The William Street and Strange Street water supply systems service two separate pressure zones within the Integrated Urban System (IUS). XCG has undertaken a Schedule C Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to support the Region of Waterloo’s (Region) plan for the future connection of these two water supply systems, which provide a number of operational and water quality improvements. Specifically, the project is expected to improve the reliability of supply within the Waterloo pressure zone by reducing dependency on supply from the Kitchener/Mannheim area. Tasks undertaken included the following:

  • Establishment of EA framework and incorporation of background information;

  • Cultural heritage, archeological and environmental inventory;

  • Condition assessment of existing water supply system infrastructure;

  • Testing of municipal well production by conducting a 21-day pumping test, which included the establishment of a monitoring network comprising approximately 30 monitoring wells instrumented with electronic dataloggers, water quality sampling, flow rate and discharge monitoring, oversight of the well contractor, and data collection and management;

  • Preparation of a hydrogeological report summarizing the findings of the pumping test, which included data compilation, graphical presentation of water level response to pumping, interpretation of water level response, assessment of aquifer capacities and well interference, and updating the conceptual model of the hydrogeology in the study area;

  • Assessment of alternative solution, considering water treatment plant site constraints, water main alignment, future property usage, future infrastructure plans, etc.;

  • Preliminary design for water supply conveyance and treatment, including costing, preparation of preliminary design report and drawings, and permitting and licensing requirements; and

  • Preparation of Environmental Study Report as per the Class EA process requirements.

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