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Once a system assessment has been completed, an infrastructure rehabilitation plan is developed. Since 2010, XCG has developed rehabilitation plans for both sanitary sewers and watermains for a number of municipalities. XCG offers the following services for the development of a rehabilitation plan:

  1. Assess the condition of the infrastructure using non-destructive testing methods such as CCTV inspection and acoustic pipe wall thickness testing.
  2. Analyze the condition data to determine the type and location of specific deterioration.
  3. Assignment of rehabilitation or replacement methods to pipe and chamber assets.
  4. Constructability review.
  5. Construction cost estimates.

Infrastructure renewal may be required. However, replacement is often expensive or very disruptive to a community. Trenchless rehabilitation is a cost-effective and less disruptive method to renew infrastructure. We are experts in developing rehabilitation plans for the renewal of infrastructure using a combination of replacement and rehabilitation.

Sewer rehabilitation plans have included construction methods such as:

  • Open cut replacement
  • Trenchless replacement
  • Trenchless chemical grout & seal spot repairs
  • Trenchless Cured-in-Place Plastic (CIPP) spot repairs
  • Trenchless CIPP full length liners
  • Sprayed-in-Place (SIP) manhole/chamber liners.

Watermain rehabilitation plans have included:

  • Open cut replacement
  • Trenchless replacement
  • Trenchless cement mortar Lining
  • Trenchless sprayed-on epoxy lining
  • Trenchless CIPP full length liners

The implementation of the Rehabilitation Plan includes the construction of the various methods and may be phased depending on budgetary constraints. For implementation of the plan, XCG offers the following services:

  • Tender preparation
  • Tender period assistance
  • Contract administration
  • Construction inspection

Each project is unique, XCG understands that. Contact us to discuss your needs. XCG can help.