Kamin Paul

B.A.Sc., E.I.T.

Project Specialist

Kingston, Ontario

613-542-5888 ext 7112

Kamin is one of XCG’s #Expert People. She is a Project Specialist and a member of the Environmental Site Assessment and Risk Assessment Group based in XCG’s Kingston office and has been helping clients solve environmental issues with XCG since 2019. Kamin has a degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Windsor and is registered as an Engineer-In-Training (E.I.T) with Professional Engineers Ontario.

Since joining the XCG team, Kamin has worked on several projects throughout southern Ontario, including Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) conducted in accordance with CSA Standard Z768-01 and O. Reg. 153/04 standards. She has also worked on soil remediation, and environmental monitoring activities for industrial, commercial, and residential properties and has conducted and supervised various field activities including soil and groundwater sampling, borehole and test pit advancements, monitoring well installations, and elevation surveys. Kamin’s area of expertise are the field work associated with any environmental monitoring, as well as in the analysis and evaluation of data.

Kamin’s enthusiasm in her role and her eagerness in solving new challenges makes her a valued addition to the XCG team. In her spare time Kamin enjoys gathering with family and friends, travelling, exploring the outdoors, and honing her amateur guitar skills. Kamin is always ready to help you address any environmental concerns.