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Mould Assessment and Supervision of Abatement Activities

XCG completed a mould assessment of 68 bathrooms and showers in living units at the Beaver Creek Federal Institution. The mould assessment included an intrusive and visual inspection of the bathrooms and showers and included sampling of select mould growth. Based on the inspections XCG developed an abatement plan for the showers and bathrooms which exhibited mould growth or significant water damage that would potentially lead to mould growth. The mould assessment was completed prior to shower reconstruction to protect the health and safety of building occupants and workers. XCG reviewed PWGSC mould specifications to ensure they were NMS compliant and appropriate for the proposed work, and that they provided human health and environmental   protection during the abatement activities.

The project scope and specifications met the federal and provincial requirements in the following documents:

  • Mould Guidelines for the Canadian Construction Industry, Standard Construction Document CCA 82, 2004;

  • “Mould Abatement Guidelines,”  Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario (EACO), Edition (2) 2010;

  • Mould in Workplace Buildings,  Standard Construction Document CCA 82, 2004;

  • Ontario Regulation 278/05,  under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

XCG provided site supervision and monitoring services during abatement including carrying out daily inspections, ensuring contractor compliance with specifications, examining and approving Type 2 enclosures, conducting indoor air quality assessment outside the work area, conducting clearance sampling, providing daily reporting to PWGSC and CSC, and assisting with contract management. The indoor air sampling results were required to ensure indoor air quality was not adversely impacted by the abatement activities and was consistent with outdoor and background airborne mould concentrations at the time of the abatement. Daily reports to PWGSC were completed via email and final reporting was provided at the completion of the project. Based on comments received from PWGSC and CSC on the draft reports, and discussions with PWGSC, the deliverables met PWGSC’s and CSC’s quality requirements for the project. XCG did not exceed the project budget and met the required  project schedule.

XCG was responsible as the Environmental Consultant on this project to ensure that all tasks described in the project description, including execution, co-ordination, budget control, client liaison, and reporting, were completed  accurately and in a timely manner. XCG undertook the work using its own staff without the involvement of any other consulting firm. The services provided by XCG included all of the environmental consulting services associated with the mould assessment and mould abatement project as described.

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