Solid Waste

XCG offers a full range of Solid Waste Management services to public and private clients. XCG’s services for solid waste management include landfills, transfer stations, composting facilities and emerging technologies. XCG works with clients to ensure that solid waste management facilities are properly designed and well-managed so that the facilities are a valuable resource, rather than an environmental liability. XCG staff have completed landfill monitoring, design, and construction supervision projects across Canada. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, XCG’s technical staff and engineering team offer the multi-disciplinary range of services needed for quality results on time and on budget.

XCG understands that solid waste management is an evolving science and art that relies on the interdependencies of many elements associated with the development, operation, and final closure of solid waste management facilities.


These elements include the following:

  • Leachate management;

  • Surface water management;

  • Landfill gas management;

  • Operations;

  • Environmental monitoring;

  • Regulatory environment;

  • Waste diversion practices;

  • Regional political issues; and

  • Local geology, topography, and hydrogeology.

As such, XCG appreciates that solid waste management is a specialized field that requires a broad range of engineering knowledge and experience, a practical approach to operations, and “360-degree” thinking. XCG’s integrated approach ensures significant “details,” which can have serious repercussions on the future performance of the solid waste management systems, are not overlooked. The practical experience of XCG’s solid waste team allows us to provide truly integrated services for our solid waste clients. We consistently take a practical approach to technical challenges based on our diverse experience in a variety of engineering disciplines in order to avoid pitfalls regularly experienced on solid waste projects. Our experience allows us to plan for, and overcome, many of the conflicts that can occur between the efficient and cost-effective development and operation of various elements of a solid waste facility. We use this ability to anticipate conflicts and problems to tailor proposed solutions to a client’s specific needs. We know what works in a given situation and what doesn’t work. XCG brings these advantages to every project so that solid waste management facilities are properly designed and operated so that in the long-term these facilities are a valuable resource, rather than an environmental liability.

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