Site Assessment Projects

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Thomas Kolodziej

Sr. Project Manager

Pam Cameron

Sr. Project Manager

Investigation, Delineation, and Development of RAP for PHC-Related Impacts, Former Niagara Transit Site

XCG was retained by the City of Niagara Falls (the City) in 2017 to further investigate the presence and delineate the extent of petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) impacts previously identified by others in soil and groundwater at and in the vicinity of a former transit facility.

Soil Vapour Investigation

As part of an ongoing insurance claim, XCG was retained to conduct a soil vapour investigation at the site of a large fuel oil release at a former school in Northern Ontario.

Phase One and Phase Two Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) at 150 Wellington Street East, Guelph, Ontario

XCG conducted a Phase One and Two Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) at the property located at civic address 150 Wellington Street East in Guelph, Ontario.

TRICAR – 152 Macdonell Brownfield Redevelopment

XCG completed a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and Phase Two ESA at a Brownfield Site.

Environmental Due Diligence - Property Condition Assessments for 99 Franchise Locations

XCG Consulting Limited was retained by a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) company to complete Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and Building Condition Assessments (BCAs) at 46 locations located within Ontario and Quebec.

River and Shoreline Assessment

XCG completed river and shoreline assessment work following a used motor oil spill that entered a storm sewer catch basin that discharged to the Grand River.

Due Diligence to Obtain Record of Site Condition in London, Ontario

XCG was retained by the Tricar Group to conduct due diligence activities to support the purchase of the commercial properties identified as 32, 36 and 40 York Street, in London, Ontario.

Risk Assessment for Residential/Commercial Mixed Use - Centre Suites on 3rd Ave., Owen Sound, Ontario

​XCG completed all necessary environmental assessment and remediation work supporting this project, including Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), Phase Two ESA, and soil and groundwater remediation activities for hydrocarbon impacts.

Oshawa Harbour Risk Assessment, City of Oshawa

XCG was retained by the City of Oshawa to obtain a Record of Site Condition (RSC) for the former Marina Lands and West Wharf Lands located at the southeast corner of Harbour Road and Simcoe Street South.

Phase I and II ESAs, and Indoor Air Quality Sampling at Multi-Tenant Medical Building

XCG was retained to complete a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), and subsequent Phase II ESA.