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Hazardous Building Materials Management

HMM Assessment.jpeg

As a critical part of their due diligence, property owners, developers and purchasers of commercial and industrial real estate should conduct surveys for hazardous substances within buildings to protect themselves from inherent long term liability. By not determining the presence or absence of these substances prior to a building renovation or demolition, building owners can face costly unforeseen delays in construction projects and may be subject to stop work orders and fines from the various provincial Ministries of Labour.

Building owners are required to complete Designated Substances Surveys prior to work on their buildings in order to enable workers to protect themselves from the hazards associated with the presence of, and working with these substances.

XCG has the professional expertise, regulatory knowledge and experience in assessing buildings and structures for the presence of hazardous building materials and designated substances (Ontario regulation only) and the proper management of these substances if encountered by workers or the general public. Our experience with government institutions, schools, retail shopping centres as well as commercial and industrial complexes will provide our clients with total regulatory compliance and succinct planning for the challenges of working with and in the presence of these materials.

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