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Xavier Charles Groundhog

XCG was founded on Groundhog Day – February 2, 1990 – by a group of hard-working environmental consultants. That dedicated “can do” spirit continues at the firm to this day. To acknowledge and celebrate XCG’s strength and tenacity providing our valued clients with specialized environment services since that first day of business, we announce the appointment of Xavier Charles Groundhog as the official company mascot.

Xavier Charles, or XC Groundhog for short, is a hard-working earth denizen who mirrors our focused staff who similarly are not afraid to dig into environmental issues and get their hands dirty when needed to achieve results.

You will see XC Groundhog pop up on project sites, in meetings and during our working world as environmental consultants at XCG.  You never know where XC Groundhog will be, but like us, he’ll have his hard hat and safety gear on and be busy doing what XCG does best.


XC Groundhog helps support XCG's charitable events like Red Day!

XC in Winnipeg.JPG

XC Groundhog likes to travel to some of XCG's events like SWANA in Winnipeg!


Every once in a while XC Groundhog even chips in with groundwater sampling!

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