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Storage Tank System Hardware Compliance Program and Tank System Removals at a Federal Site

XCG was retained to complete a storage tank compliance audit at a Federal site. The audit completed by XCG found that there were a number of significant risks, mainly associated with the locations of the storage tank systems on a wharf located on Lake Ontario. The storage tank systems were comprised of one diesel aboveground storage tank (AST) (7,600 L), one gasoline AST (2,270 L), and one waste oil AST (500 L). Consequently, the Client decided that the tank systems were to be removed. As such, XCG was able to develop tender drawings and specifications for their removal as well as a Class ‘A’ cost estimate.

As part of the decommssioning project, XCG conducted a pre-demolition level designated substances and hazardous materials survey (DSHMS), provided oversight during tendering/bidding phase and throughout the  project, and was involved with Contractor oversight during the removal of the fuel systems.

The diesel, gasoline, and waste oil ASTs and all related equipment were removed from the subject site by a qualified contractor that is certified by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA). Prior to removal, all of the ASTs’ contents were removed from the ASTs along with their associated piping and equipment. During the petroleum product transfers, deployable spill containment measures were used at all times ensuring that no spills or releases occurred during decommissioning activities. Additionally, all vapours were purged using the dry ice method from the ASTs prior to dismantling. The ASTs were all vapour tested prior to transport. The ASTs were removed by an approved person and disposed of in accordance with the contract specifications and applicable provincial/federal regulations.

XCG demonstrated our ability to provide Contractor oversight and to adhere to both Provincial and Federal health and safety regulations and applicable codes regarding fuel handling and the decommissioniof fuel storage systems.

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