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Atlas Remediation Project

XCG was retained in 2006 to assist Niagara Waste Systems with the Atlas Remediation Project. This project required collaboration between the City of Welland and Niagara Waste Systems to re-activate the Atlas Steels Landfill. The re-activation of the landfill included the expansion of the service area to Ontario wide and increasing the fill rate to 5,000 tomes per day. The landfill currently has an unused   licensed capacity of approximately 1.2 million cubic meters and can accept wastes that are solid, non-hazardous wastes that are primarily soil or soil-like waste and construction debris. Niagara Waste Systems obtained all environmental approvals to install and maintain environmental controls with respect to the design and operation of the landfill site. While the City of Welland assembled the land and owns the site.

The work completed by XCG on the   project to date is as follows:

  • An assessment of the remaining approved landfill capacity.

  • A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for the properties proposed to be included in the project.

  • A Risk Analysis Report which included: a summary of the findings of the Phase I ESA; regards to existing environmental liabilities; and, a summary of the scope of work and costs required to implement the Atlas Remediation Project.

  • Several studies in support of the EA including:

  • Investigation quality sediment in the Welland River.

  • Groundwater and surface water quality assessment.

  • Geotechnical assessment.

  • Air emissions and noise assessment.

  • Dust management plan.

  • Landfill gas management plan.

  • Traffic assessment to determine the impact of increased truck traffic and compliance with the regulatory requirements.

  • A Design and Operations Plan (drawings and report) for the project which presented the design for the   remediation and reconfiguration of the site.

  • A Stormwater Management Plan for the project as a supporting document for an Ontario Water Resources Act, Certificate of Approval application.

XCG recently  completed the detailed design drawings and specifications for the first phase of the remediation and reconfiguration of the existing fill area of the project. The design included: soil erosion and sediment control; selective demolition of existing environmental controls and utilities; abandonment of existing groundwater monitoring wells; compacted clay migration barrier; a sealed joint steel sheet pile groundwater containment wall; and, a leachate pumping station and force main.

XCG was also retained to prepare the 2010 Annual Operation, Monitoring, and Development Report for the project.

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