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CPU Implementation

Following the filing of a Record of Site Condition (RSC) for a former industrial property in Guelph, Ontario, by another consultant, XCG was requested to assist with implementation of the Risk Management Measures (RMMs) outlined in the Certificate of Property Use (CPU) issued for the site. RMMs including development and implementation of a Soil and Groundwater Management Plan, documentation of installation of hard and fill caps, and documentation of installation of vapour intrusion mitigation system.

The components of the vapour mitigation system incorporated into the townhouse condominiums included below-grade vapour diversion piping and sealed impermeable membrane liners below each unit with vent stacks and turbines that were scaled up to active fans, as necessary. Further features include impermeable membrane liners along vertical foundation walls to prevent vapour short-circuiting. The site developer worked closely with XCG to construct the buildings with the engineered features.

As the project progressed through the various phases of development, XCG worked with the site developer to ensure that risk management measures are implemented for each development phase in accordance with the CPU and appropriate documentation was prepared and submitted as per the requirements of the CPU.

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