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Methane Venting System - Construction Management

Based on our previous work on a commercial property that was next to a historical municipal landfill, the new owner of a retail plaza requested XCG to assist with the implementation of a methane protection system. Due to the close proximity of the old landfill, a condition of development was that full protection from possible methane intrusion was to be provided for any and all buildings constructed.

XCG’s previous work on the property included securing an updated Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) from the province for the constructed methane protection systems on the existing buildings.

The new owner/developer and their construction manager requested XCG to provide construction management services for the methane protection system on a new 6-unit, 835-square metre commercial building that was added to the property. The system included impermeable membrane liner and methane collection piping below the building that leads to four passive vents equipped with turbines on the building roof. Furthermore, below-grade impermeable membrane liner and diversion zones leading to passive vents were also constructed below the parking areas around the new building. The new building features were constructed in compliance with the updated ECA.

XCG provided economical construction verification and reporting to support the regulatory approval and municipal requirements and ensured that all construction and development schedules were met. To the great satisfaction of the owner/developer, the new building is now occupied with commercial tenants and the site development is complete

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