Qualified Person Services for Excess Soil Management for Britannia Road Widening, Milton, Ontario

When D’Orazio Infrastructure Group (DIG) secured the excavation and earthworks portion of Region of Halton contracts R3309A-20 and R3309A-21 with Brennan Paving, the project contracts specified the Contractor to secure the services of a Qualified Person (QP-C). DIG selected the excess soil expertise of XCG Consulting Limited to provide the QP-C services for all excess soil management activities and to ensure compliance with Ontario Regulation (O. Reg.) 406/19. The projects are net-fill undertakings with a combined total of over 250,000 cubic metres of fill required to adjust the grades to meet the design specifications for the widening and partial re-alignment of Britannia Road from Highway 25 through to James Snow Parkway and then along to the 407 ETR (a 9-kilometre stretch).

As specified in the contracts, XCG’s role in the projects included:

Preparation of soil tracking plans, excess soil destination reports for off-site relocation of excess topsoil and geotechnically unsuitable soils;

  • Preparation of fill management plans to be followed for excess soil placement as fill;

  • Reviewing potentially applicable source sites documentation of soil characterization for submitting for approval by the Project Leader’s QP;

  • Audit sampling, analyses, and documentation of incoming fill materials (every 1,000 m3 of imported soil);

  • Characterization of topsoil and unsuitable materials for approval by reuse sites for relocation of the soils off-site end users;

  • Working with the contractor to prepare monthly summaries of soil movements for each contract; and

  • Assisting the contractors with O. Reg. 406/19 interpretation, compliance, and implementation within the contracts, as well as working with both QP-PL for the contracts to ensure the Region of Halton interests are served.

XCG continues to provide QP-C services to the DIG team for the Halton contracts until completion in 2024.