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Risk Based Investigation and Risk Management Measures

When a prominent Canadian realty management firm was expanding retail developments in their Hamilton, Ontario retail plaza property, XCG was called to quickly investigate the impacts from a historic dry-cleaning operation that occupied the property circa 1965. The chlorinated volatile organic compound (cVOC) impacts from the former dry-cleaning operations were identified and quantified in soil, bedrock, and groundwater. Due to the volatile nature and carcinogenic properties of the cVOCs, a screening level risk assessment (SLRA) was completed and XCG determined that specific risk management measures (RMMs) could be implemented which would allow the development of a stand-alone retail unit over the existing impacts.

XCG played an integral role on the client development team and worked with our trusted contractors to design and construct the RMMs, which included installation of injection drains and piping for future in-situ chemical oxidation/reduction (ISCO/ISCR) (if needed), followed by vapour collection piping and media for sub-slab depressurization. A fully sealed impermeable membrane was installed below the slab-on-grade floor and a passive vent with a turbine was installed on the vapour collection piping to assist with vapour diversion. The vent stack was constructed to permit the future addition of an active venting and treatment system, if necessary.

XCG provided oversight during the installation of the impermeable membrane and vapour collection system, and completed follow-up sub-slab vapour and indoor air testing to verify the effectiveness of the newly installed system.

The project was executed over a nine-month period which ensured that the client was able to meet their development commitments for their new valued tenant - with keys delivered a month earlier than expected. 

The innovation and quick-turnaround demonstrated by XCG and team made this project a finalist for a 2017 Canadian Brownfield Network (CBN) Brownie Award in the Remediate category.

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