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Stockpile Characterization and Soil Management - Nobleton

XCG was retained by our client (developer) to assist with the characterization and management of numerous soil stockpiles identified on-site. XCG conducted characterization activities in accordance with the stockpile sampling requirements presented in Ontario Regulation 153/04, in order to satisfy requirements necessary to obtain a Record of Site Condition for the property. XCG prepared a soil management plan for the contractors to follow and for the client to have on file.

A total of 15 soil stockpiles were identified on-site ranging in size from 2 cubic metres to 3,600 cubic metres. An excavator was utilized to dig into the stockpiles, allowing for inspection of the stockpile contents and collection of soil samples for chemical analysis. Based on stockpile content analysis and receipt and review of the analytical results, it was determined that the contents of the soil stockpiles were not suitable for re-use at any potential fill receiving site and must be transported for disposal to an approved disposal facility. A total of 52,138 metric tonnes of soil was excavated and transported off-site for appropriate disposal. Following completion of the stockpile removal activities, XCG collected soil samples from the in-situ soil underlying the former footprint of each stockpile to verify the remaining soil quality.

With the soil management activities completed, verification sampling was conducted so that the Record of Site Condition could be prepared and filed.

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