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Trevor Mahoney


Project Manager

Kitchener, Ontario

519-741-5774 ext 7237

Trevor is one of XCG’s Expert People. He’s a leader within XCG’s Solid Waste Group where he has been helping clients with environmental projects since 2008. Trevor is a Project Specialist with a B.S.E. in Civil Engineering from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. Working out of XCG’s Kitchener office, Trevor takes pride in helping clients effectively manage their solid waste sites across Canada.

His experience has focused on the preparation of detailed designs for landfill expansions, contract management and construction oversight. Trevor has prepared detailed design drawings, specifications, and contract documents for the construction of various solid waste projects where he has also taken on contract manager responsibilities.

With his wealth of knowledge and experience in solid waste management and contract management, Trevor and the XCG solid waste team have provided site expansion and closure designs which have overcome unique challenges and completed construction projects that met regulatory requirements at a variety of environmental sites.

When he’s not helping XCG clients manage their solid waste sites and facilities, Trevor can be found walking his dog or being chauffeur to one of his two sons for school, sports and social events. He enjoys camping with his family at Ontario provincial parks and photographing his kid’s sports activities, local university level matches and professional sporting games. His photos have appeared in various publications across Canada and the United States.

Trevor applies his creative eye, technical solutions skills and contract management expertise to the unique environmental challenges faced by government and private industry and that’s why he’s a valued member of the XCG #ExpertPeople team.

Linked below are some projects Trevor has worked on:

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