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Multi-Site Due Diligence Investigations

Conducting investigations on multiple properties within a client portfolio requires excellent project management skills, consideration of various jurisdictional requirements and location differences, as well as the consistent application of science and methodology. Coordinating multi-site investigations with expert insights and reporting within specific timelines and budgets are just a couple of the strengths of our team – here are a few examples of our work.


Cross-Jurisdictional Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

XCG was retained by an industrial services client to conduct multi-site Phase II ESAs for due diligence purposes as part of a corporate acquisition of several waste management and processing facilities in St. John’s, NL; Dartmouth, NS; Sydney, NS; Saint John, NB; and Hamilton, ON.

Multiple Phase II ESAs were conducted across the various provincial jurisdictions and under multiple regulatory frameworks, with the key objective of assessing potential environmental liabilities across the portfolio of properties. The on-site work included utility locating, drilling and monitoring well installation, soil and groundwater sampling and surveying. Reporting and assessment included comparison of analytical results to appropriate regulatory standards, groundwater flow mapping, and provision of recommendations for additional work as appropriate. The projects were successfully completed under a client-expedited schedule to meet transactional requirements.


ESAs and Building Condition Assessments (BCAs) at 46 Sites in Ontario and Quebec

XCG was retained by a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) company to complete Phase I ESAs and BCAs at 46 locations within Ontario and Quebec. Each site was currently occupied by retail/commercial businesses or quick-serve restaurants. The purpose of the Phase I ESAs was to identify actual and/or potential sources of significant contamination associated with each of the subject properties. The purpose of the BCAs was to examine and assess the present condition of the on-site buildings and related structures, and to provide capital expenditure estimates to be considered in the completion of a loan agreement and as part of the potential refinancing of the subject properties. The BCAs were intended for financial lending purposes or general due diligence only. As requested by the client, the draft reporting on all 46 sites was completed within four weeks of engagement. Due to the large number of individual sites, all of which were occupied by tenants, project management and communication between all parties was critical to the project success.


Multi-Property Designated Substances and Hazardous Materials Surveys

XCG was retained, along with another consultant, to complete Designated Substances and Hazardous Material Surveys (DSHMS) for 145 residential properties within the project site for a government agency on behalf of the owner and manager of the facilities. The work required was to update the designated substance inventory database and to serve as a resource for the client in the management of their buildings within the park.

DSHMS surveys were completed at each of the 145 properties, and individual survey reports were prepared for each address. The scope of the DSHMS included a visual inspection of building materials and components potentially containing designated substances and hazardous materials. Field personnel collected samples of materials suspected of being asbestos-containing, and metals (lead/mercury)-containing, as required. In addition, a representative number of fluorescent light ballasts were surveyed to determine the presence and to estimate the number of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)-containing light ballasts, equipment containing halocarbons was identified, and hazardous chemical storage was inventoried in each building. Due to the large number of individual sites, many of which were occupied by tenants, project management and communication between all parties was critical to the project success.


XCG Knows… Contacts

To learn more about XCG’s expertise in site assessment and hazardous material surveys, please contact Pam Cameron or Erica Gray.

P: 519-741-5774 ext 7247

820 Trillium Drive

Kitchener, ONtario N2R 1K4

P: 613-542-5888 ext 7109

4 Cataraqui Street

Woolen Mill, East Wing, Suite 100

Kingston, Ontario K7K 1Z7


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