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Waste Diversion

XCG has expanded its solid waste group to include waste diversion and now offers the following services:

  • Waste audits/waste composition studies and waste management reviews

  • Waste collection services and operations reviews and assessments

  • Waste management, waste reduction, and waste diversion/organics plans

  • Organics and waste diversion program development and implementation

  • RFP development for waste collection service contracts

Our Expert People are experienced in waste reduction and diversion programs. We pride ourselves in developing site-specific solutions that provide cost-effective and optimal results, so we take the time to evaluate all aspects of a waste management system to ensure the best outcome is delivered.


XCG Knows… Circular Innovation Council 3RCertified Waste Audit

The Circular Innovation Council (formerly the Recycling Council of Ontario) 3RCertified Waste Audits are based on a Standard Waste Audit Method and supports professional development in several key areas such as accurate and standardized methods of measuring and reporting performance, auditing principles, sampling methods, benchmarking and data analysis, best practices, and compliance with regulation.

XCG staff have completed the Circular Innovation Council's 3R training and are qualified to complete a waste audit in accordance with Ontario’s regulatory requirements and The Circular Innovation Council’s Standard Waste Audit Method. The Circular Innovation Council’s Standard Waste Audit Method is a pre-requisite for Ontario’s 3RCertified program and is also acceptable under the BOMA BEST environmental assessment certification program.

XCG can provide waste audit services for clients to stay compliant with ministry regulatory requirements and help them achieve their waste diversion goals.


XCG Knows… Circular Innovation Council 3RCertified

A waste audit to comply with legislation is a good first step, however the full 3R Certification for your building demonstrates leadership and excellence in waste reduction and diversion.

3RCertified is a certification program for the industrial, commercial, and institutional sector that reviews how organizations manage waste reduction and diversion operations. It looks at all areas of a buildings waste management program with a focus on waste reduction and diversion while identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Pre-requisites for the program are as follows:

  • Waste reduction work plan, as per Ontario Regulations 102/94

  • Source separation program with annual improvements, as per Ontario Regulation 103/94

  • Waste audit completed annually in accordance with the Circular Innovation Council’s Standard Waste Audit Method (SWAM)

XCG is currently undertaking 3R Certification for the XCG office in Kitchener, Ontario and our Expert People can assist clients in acquiring 3RCertified status for their buildings.


XCG Knows... BOMA BEST Certification

BOMA BEST is a green building certification program for the industrial, commercial, and institutional sector that evaluates the environmental performance and management of an operational building. The program assesses ten different areas including energy, water, air, comfort, health and wellness, custodial, purchasing, waste, site, and stakeholder engagement.

Pre-requisites specific to waste for the program are as follows:

  • Source separation program with a minimum of two streams

  • Waste reduction and diversion policy

  • Waste audit

  • Waste reduction work plan

Our Expert People can provide waste audit services as well as develop the required waste and procurement policies and waste reduction work plans for BOMA BEST certification. XCG can also provide assistance through the application process and provide on-going waste consulting services.


XCG Knows... Contacts

To talk about your waste diversion program or waste audit needs and learn more about XCG’s expertise in solid waste management, please contact Jessie Darichuk or Trevor Mahoney.

Jessie Darichuk, TRUE Advisor Trevor Mahoney, B.S.E.

Project Manager Project Manager

780-432-5770 519-741-5774 ex 7237

#200, 6768 75th Street 820 Trillium Drive

Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6T9 Kitchener, Ontario N2R 1K4

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