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Dale White


Sr. Project Manager

Kingston, Ontario

613-542-5888 ext 7105

Dale is one of XCG’s Expert People. He’s a leader within XCG’s Hazardous Materials Group and has been helping clients solve environmental issues since 1998. Dale supports his clients with strong leadership and focuses on their needs, looking for the best approach to limiting their liabilities while minimizing costs.

Dale is a Senior Project Manager and Kingston’s Office Manager. Dale has a Civil Engineering Technologist diploma from St. Lawrence College in Kingston and is a Certified Engineering Technologist with O.A.C.E.T.T.

Dale is a multi-disciplinarian with a focus on Hazardous Materials Management and Abatement, Environmental Site Assessment, Site Remediation, Landfills, and Environmental Compliance. His areas of specialization include: Designated Substance and Hazardous Material Surveys (DSHMs), Hazardous Materials Abatement and Specification development, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Landfill Monitoring and Regulatory Compliance, development of AST/UST decommissioning projects, and O. Reg. 170 Drinking Water Compliance. Dale has an extensive knowledge base and is highly qualified to help you with your project whatever your needs may be!

Dale also has extensive experience with investigative techniques across Ontario and out-of-province, and has conducted many hazardous materials surveys and abatement projects, and remediation projects that included excavation and dewatering, in-situ soil and groundwater treatment including PCE remediation through chemical oxidation, groundwater pump and treat systems, and monitored natural attenuation.

During his 24 years at XCG, Dale has conducted and managed hundreds of DSHMS and abatement projects, Phase I and Phase II ESAs, AST/UST tank decommissionings, and groundwater monitoring programs for a variety of private, municipal and federal clients including Canadian Coast Guard, Defence Construction Canada, Department of National Defence, and First Nations Communities. Dale routinely assists his clients by handling communication responses between clients, the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), and the Ontario Ministry of Labour.

With his abundance of knowledge and experience, Dale and his team members regularly assess individual project specific needs that may include review of provincial and federal applicable regulations, guidance documents and standards. Project plans are developed that include hazardous materials assessment and abatement including National Master Specification development, preparation of environmental sampling plans, analysis of environmental issues and calculation of related project costs for abatement or remediation with a focus on meeting client needs.

Linked below are some projects Dale has worked on:

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