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Tom Williams

B.A.Sc., P. Eng., QP


Kitchener, Ontario

519-741-5774 ext 7233

Tom is one of XCG’s Expert People. As XCG’s President, Tom is responsible for maintaining XCG’s strong financial health and positioning XCG for long-term growth. He’s also responsible for maintaining and enabling a safe and professionally rewarding environment for all XCG staff. Working with his senior leadership team, Tom ensures that XCG fulfils its mission of providing excellence in consulting services and bringing value to our clients.

A licensed professional engineer in Ontario and Alberta who has been active in the field of environmental consulting and engineering for more than 30 years, Tom focuses his expertise with private and public sector clients in the management of site assessments, site remediation project engineering, and hydrogeological investigations. His professional experience covers all aspects of brownfield redevelopment including site assessment, remediation, and hydrogeology. Tom has technical responsibility and expert qualifications for environmental site assessment (ESA), risk assessment (RA), risk management measures (RMM) implementation, and site remediation projects at contaminated sites.

In addition to his professional engineer status in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, Tom is also a Qualified Person (QP) as defined by Ontario Regulation (O. Reg.) 153/04 and is eminently qualified for groundwater contamination projects, RA based mitigation, contaminant management, and technical advisory projects for the investigation, remediation, and redevelopment of industrial and commercial properties across Canada.

Tom has practical experience with numerous soil and groundwater remediation methods, including, low temperature thermal desorption, soil excavation and capping, contaminated soil excavation and secure containment, as well as free product oil pumping, dual level pumping of gasoline impacted groundwater, multi-phase extraction systems, chemical injections as well as advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) for groundwater treatment, and others.

When he’s not providing expert advice, Tom enjoys coaching hockey, camping and hiking or hitting bombs off the tee box at a nearby golf course. His calm and assured leadership, informed decision making and sharp eye for detail are a few characteristics which make Tom a valued leader of the XCG #ExpertPeople team.

See below some projects Tom has worked on:

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